Business Category 1

President's Club
Accounting Firms
Architectural Firms
Car Rental Enterprises
Chambers of Commerce - Start-Ups and Established Member Chapters
Construction Industry
Energy Products
Health Care

• Public Colleges and Universities
Private Colleges and Universities

Entertainment Industry
Event Planners
Interior Design
Faith Based Organizations

Financial Industry
• Advisors
• Planning
• Banks - Credit Unions, Community Banks,   National Banks

Business Category 2

Government Agencies
• Local
• State
• National

Human Resources
• Staffing
• Small Business Development
• Employee Benefits
* Employment Counseling

Diversity Training
Training & Development
Workforce Development

Insurance Agencies
Real Estate Agencies
Hotel Industry

Law Firms
Business Consulting
Management Consulting
Non-Profit Organizations

Business Category 3

Printing Industry
• Publishing

Public Relations
• Marketing

Retail Suppliers
Restaurant & Food Industry
Cosmetics Manufacturing

• Security
* Barbers, Salons, Clothing Stores
* Janitorial Services
* Photography/Videography

• Graphic Design
• Web Design
* Telecommunications
* Communications